About Us


naSuma has been creating our unique, handmade looks since 2013.

naSuma means in Swahili, “with Suma.” Suma is my brilliant son. When he first came to live with me, at age 3, he would often make sure to include himself in all things happening by saying “na Suma!” And Suma! Here we are at our favourite beach, rocking naSuma handmade gems. The love behind the brand!


ethical fashion / artist empowerment / inspired by nature

We are an ethical fashion brand committed to creating 100% handmade beachwear and casual chic clothing for women.

Our latest collection features hand-loomed 100% cotton and hand-dyed batik prints. Our vibrant, fun, easy-wear collection provides a fashionable alternative to buying from fast fashion retailers.


We have joined the fashion revolution. We are committed to providing a slow-fashion, handmade and ethical alternative to socially-conscious fashion seekers.

Our current collection is created in partnership with textile producers in Tanzania.

Ifakara Women’s Weavers is an initiative in rural Tanzania, training and employing women to create patterned hand-loomed fabrics out of Tanzanian grown cotton.

Emil M is an artisan out of Dar es Salaam who specialises in batik dyeing process, featuring vibrant colours and unique hand-drawn patterns.

We are committed to ethical production. Every item is 100% handmade and each purchase supports fair wages for artisans in Tanzania.


— to partner with and empower artisans around the world to increase their livelihoods, through fair pay and showcasing opportunities.

— to create a beautiful and comfortable collection of clothing people can feel happy wearing